Since 2019 the Snacks ‘n’ Sneakers Program has helped thousands of Niagara families. Community Care is just one of a number of Niagara community agencies where families receive the back-to-school donations. Children who are born between 2004–2017 and registered with Community Care, are eligible to apply for the Snack n’ Sneakers program and receive a backpack with school supplies, healthy snacks and a pair of brand-new sneakers.

“This program continues to inspire our community to come together. It is amazing to see such a community effort, especially our youth who recognize the importance of this program, by hosting various events in support of those in need through fundraisers with their friends in their yards; even neighbourhood collections raising awareness on the importance that all kids returning to school,
should have access to the essentials to make this a memorable time, filled with joy. A powerful model of young ambassadors giving back.” said Suzanne Court Founder/President of The RRPC Innovation Foundation. “This program allows kids to be kids, and enjoy their back-to-school experience with their friends, to hold their heads high knowing our community cares for them. Through our financial support, we wanted to enhance the already amazing contributions of our community. It is truly moving to witness what can be accomplished through community collaboration to ensure children have the means to participate in physical activities, the tools to learn, and the community support to help ease the burden for those in need. The RRPC Innovation Foundation is very honoured to be able to support this program to take away those barriers.”

“Back to school is a challenging time for many families.” said Betty-Lou Souter CEO of Community Care. “The importance of being equal to your peers on the first day of school ( before the bell rings), creates a sense of belonging and a sense of self esteem so many take for granted. Thank you to the RRPC Innovation Foundation for creating that special magical equality for all kids.”