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The RRPC Foundation is committed to growing partnerships with local community agencies and welcomes the opportunity to work with business leaders and developers to create innovative and lasting solutions. 


“Join us in giving back through life-changing experiences. As a community, we should be supportive of programs that assist in improving our youth’s mindsets.”

Suzanne Court, Founder & President


The RRPC Innovation Foundation is dedicated to helping youth to navigate and succeed; providing opportunities for youth that may not exist for them currently and supporting our Community Agencies to be able to give in areas that need dedicated, consistent support to flourish.

Founder & President Suzanne Court

Philanthropy means different things to different people but at a very early age, Suzanne wanted to make a difference. Giving back was in her DNA and has played an integral role for Suzanne in having a meaningful and successful life.

In 2019, after a 25+-year corporate career, travelling the globe, Suzanne made the decision to move from the success side of her life to the significance side of her life. After witnessing the growing number of youth suicides, youth living on the street and so many others struggling with addiction and mental health challenges, she decided it was time to create a strong legacy of giving and supporting new and innovative ways to create sustainable solutions.


Suzanne founded the RRPC Innovation Foundation in 2018 to honour the memory of her late father, Richard Robinson Prescott Court. Richard exuded a passion for supporting youth across Niagara, and was known for encouraging others through his personal mantra, “one must give in order to receive”. After a 30-year corporate career, Suzanne made the decision to move from corporate success to philanthropic significance.

After witnessing the growing number of youth in distress, street engaged, struggling with addiction and mental health challenges, it was time. “I wanted to create a strong and sustainable legacy of giving and made the decision to establish the RRPC Innovation Foundation, in memory of my dear father Richard Court. My father believed that the cycle of life is the cycle of giving, and how important it was to unite our family around a common purpose.” – Suzanne


We are very fortunate to be able to partner with Suzanne and Laura at RRPC Innovation Foundation. Our organizations both want to see kids thrive and their support of our weekly choir will allow us to keep bringing music to more and more kids in Niagara. The willingness to engage and attend one of our choir sessions speaks to their genuine interest to partner with us, and to get to see what we do first hand. We are really excited about our relationship continuing to grow and can't thank them enough for investing in us and our kids.

Todd Green

Executive Director, Tomorrow’s Voices

The team at RRPC Foundation every day live and breathe compassion, respect and humanity. Their advocacy and front-line work with youth is essential to transforming lives and providing opportunities for young people in need. Port Cares is honoured to receive the support from RRPC and to work collaboratively with Suzanne Court President and the foundation team

Christine Clark Lafleur

Executive Director, Port Cares

"Back to school for every child should be a positive experience. Arriving at school in a new pair of sneakers, with a backpack full of school supplies and healthy snacks should not be luxury for any child. The RRPC Innovation Foundation ensured that special magic happened. Thank you Suzanne for supporting the children of Community Care in such a tangible way."

Betty-Lou Souter

CEO, Community Care of St. Catharines & Thorold

"Through their great work and commitment, The RRPC Innovation Foundation continues to transform lives of youth across Niagara. We are honoured to partner with this amazing foundation.”

Frances Halloworth

Executive Director – United Way

"The RRPC Innovation Foundation is a wonderful community partner that works to provide our youth the opportunity to succeed. Ridley College is honoured to partner with them to ensure that we remain a diverse community, accessible to talented and promising students."

Shelley Huxley

Director of Development – Ridley College

"It is easy to talk about Truth and Reconciliation, but talk doesn't help the 105 youth that needed school supplies get a backpack full of supports. Thanks to Suzanne and RRPC for walking their talk and helping our youth succeed by supporting our back-to-school backpack drive. RRPC didn't just fill these backpacks with stationary, they filled them with care from the community."

Karl Dockstader

Executive Director of the Niagara Regional Native Centre



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